The World Othello Federation (WOF) is a federation of countries that seek to promote the game of Othello

  • The WOF maintains a homepage for the purpose of promoting Othello and helping to build the Othello community 
  • The WOF helps new countries become federations 
  • The WOF maintains the World Othello Rating list 
  • The WOF supports the WOC and suggests rule changes to the WOC committee. 
  • The WOF is responsible for disciplinary issues among WOF members.
The WOF Head Council is an administrative body meant to help facilitate communication between interested regions and parties. The WOF Head Council consists of the President, the Secretary, the Sponsorship Manager/Treasurer, the WOC representative, and representatives who represent major regions (Americas, Europe, Asia/Pacific). The head council's job is to make sure that all nations in their region understand their rights and responsibilities to the WOF and to make sure that everyone in their region is given a fair voice. 
  • President
  • Secretary
  • Sponsorship Manager/ Treasurer
  • WOC representative
  • America Confederation representative
  • Asia Confederation representative
  • Europe Confederation representative
The election for new council will be every second year. Only members within a Confederation can vote for their own representatives.
The WOF recognizes two types of member nations, National Federations and Countries with Contact Person. 
1. National Federations
A national federation of Othello is a group of people gathered to practice and spread the practice of Othello within the country. This group must be the only one in a country with this purpose. This group will represent all the Othello players of this country at World Othello Federation (WOF). 
1.1 Rights
  • Federations are each given 1 vote on a WOF resolution.
  • Federations are allowed to propose resolutions to the WOF.
  • Federations are allowed to send 1 representative to the WOF annual meeting.
  • Federations are allowed to send a full team to the WOC.
  • Federations are allowed to organize official tournaments.
  • Federations are allowed to use the name Othello
  • Federations are allowed to have membership regulation and a member list.  
1.2 Requirements
  • Federations must have at least 5 members
  • Federations must have a person who is a primary contact and have a council with at least three persons
  • Federations must announce their representatives to the WOC before the WOC deadline.
  • Federations must have a WOC qualification process for its team that involves at least 1 tournament.
  • Federations must send the results of all tournaments involved in the WOC qualification process and the National championship to the WOF Ratings Committee. Federations are encouraged to send all their results to the WOF Ratings committee.
  • Federations must maintain a homepage that links to the WOF homepage and WOC
  • Federations must arrange National championship
  • Federations must send a yearly annual meeting protocol in English
  • Federations must be a non-profit organization
  • Federations must use the name "Othello" at their events
  • Federations must comply with rules established by WOF 
1.3 How to be a National Federation member of WOF
National Federations who want to be member of WOF should send a request subscripted by the contact person of the country and at least two other persons. This request should be send to the representative of the competent Confederation. 
  • The representative of the Confederation will appreciate the request, and verify the seriousness of purpose. 
  • The request should be approved by WOF council by a simple majority. WOF council may ask for more information or observe the activity in the country for a periode before approving the request.  
1.4 Loss of status as National Federation member
A federation may lose its status as a National Federation member if it remains inactive for 2 consecutive years. A National Federation is considered as inactive if it do not comply with the requirements given in 1.2.
If a National Federation member is observed with no activity for 2 years, it should be given a period of three months to comply with the requirements. After this period, the WOF council decide whether the federation should lose its status or not.
2. Countries with contact person
Countries with contact person are nations where there is little interest in Othello and there are only a few enthusiasts. In this case, it may not be worth the effort of the nation to meet the requirements to be a National Federation.
2.1 Rights
  • Countries with contact person are allowed to propose resolutions to the WOF.
  • Countries with contact person are allowed to send 1 representative to the WOF annual meeting with voice but no voting rights.
  • Countries with contact person are allowed to send 1 player to the WOC if they have a national homepage or Facebook group
    • This shall be the order of precedence for determining the qualified player from a nation with a contact person:
    • The winner of a qualification tournament(s) shall take the highest priority.
    • If there has been no tournament, a tentative player shall be named by the contact person, and their name shall be published on the WOF website at least 3 months ahead of the WOC.
    • Anyone who is a citizen of that nation shall be able to challenge the tentative player to a tournament to decide the qualification spot, to be held at least 1 month ahead of the WOC.
    • If there is no qualification tournament held, a citizen living in the nation shall take precedence over any player living in a foreign nation.
  • Countries with contact person may request for a group of the country to become a National Federation member of WOF
2.2 Requirements
  • Countries with contact person must have a person who is a primary contact.
  • Countries with contact person must announce their representative to the WOC before the WOC deadline.
  • Countries with contact person should keep in touch with WOF and with anyone from his country interested in the practice of Othello
2.3 How to become a contact person of a country
  • If there is no contact person in that country, by simply request to WOF council who will vote yes or no for the request.
  • If more than one person claim to be the contact person of a country, the WOF will put people in touch ask them a consensus. WOF also will encourage them  to create a federation.
2.4 Loss of status as contact person
The contact person will lose his status if 
i) he does not answer e-mails sent by WOF for a periode of 3 months /1 year) 
ii) he does not answer e-mails sent by players of their country.
3. Definition of country
A country  should be a Unitid Nations member state. However, WOF may approve requests from nations or territory that is not a United Nations member state. This approval may occur only upon approval by 2/3 of WOF council meeting.
Meet at least once a year at the World Othello Championship.
1. Voting Procedures
We vote on stuff. Sometimes it's open, sometimes it's closed. A simple majority is enough to get things passed.