The World Othello Federation (W.O.F.) is a federation of countries that seek to promote the game of Othello.

The first Othello tournament was the Japan Othello Championship 1973. Four years later, in 1977, the first World Othello Championship (W.O.C.) was held. There were only five nations at the first W.O.C. Since then the World of Othello has grown. In 2005 the World Othello Federation was started in Reykjavik, Iceland. Twenty-two nations founded the World Othello Federation (W.O.F.). By the 2013 annual meeting in Stockholm the World Othello Federation had over 60 member nations!

The World Othello Federation arranges the World Othello Championship every year, and the W.O.F. rating list, helps nations to arrange tourneys if needed, contacts sponsors and a lot more: all this is the responsibility of the W.O.F.

The main gathering of the World Othello Federation is the W.O.F. annual meeting, which  is held every year at the same time as the World Othello Championship.