Norges Othelloforbund
Norway Othello federation

Status: W.O.F-federation

Member in WorldOthello since 2005 

Contact: Tor Birger Skogen

Norway Othello Federation homepage
Norway Othello Federation Facebook

Norway  Othello Federation arrange tourneys and the Norway Othello Championship.

Norway Othello Federation arrange an stage in the European Grand Prix since 2009.
Norway Othello Federation arranged W.O.C. 2008 in Oslo.

Attended in World Othello Championship since 1977.
W.O.C runner up
Thomas Heiberg, 1978

Nordic Champions
Johan Dovland, 2006
Martin Ødegård, 2007

Winners of the Norwegian E.G.P.

Martin Ødegård, Norway, 2009
Imre Leader, Great Britain, 2011
David Beck, Great Britain, 2013