Yusuke Takanashi wins the World Othello Championship 2015!

Yusuke Takanashi, Japan, wins the World Othello Championship 2015. It is the fourth time Mr. Takanshi wins the Champion title. 
He won 2009, 2010 and 2012. In fact Mr. Takanashi have won all the Worch Othello Championships that he have participate in.
Runner up was Makoto Suekuni, also Japan and the W.O.C. 2014´s champion. Nicky van den Biggelaar, the Netherlands, was third and Michele Borassi,Italy, was fourth. 
Winner of the W.O.C. 2015 Lady Throphy was Yoko Sono, U.S.A. who defetad Nada Pattarkul, Thailand in the ladies final.
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