Goro Hasegawa in memorian

Goro Hasegawa Mr. Goro Hasegawa, the inventor of Othello, passed away Monday the 20th of June 2016. Mr. Hasegawa reached the age of 83.
In 1971, at the age of 38, Mr. Hasegawa invented Othello based on the game of Reversi. The new game became popular in short time and in 1973 Mr. Hasegawa established the Japan Othello Association.
The 1st World Othello Championship was played in Tokyo in 1977. This year we are going to celebrate this when we play the 40th World Othello Championship in Mito, the birthplace of Othello and the home city of Mr. Hasegawa. We had looked forward to meet Mr. Hasegawa again during the championship, but unfortunately we now have to celebrate this anniversary without him.
Mr. Goro Hasegawa will be greatly missed by Othello players all over the world. 

Tor Birger Skogen,
​President World Othello Federation